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Paul searched frantically for a cartoonist who could draw hands and heads.


Who And What Is Naked Farang?

Who's my Daddy?


Naked Farang was founded in 2007 by Paul Snowdon with the aim of providing informative and amusing insights into Thailand from a variety of perspectives and for a range of audiences.

The Naked Farang philosophy is simple. Everyone has a story to tell, and the Naked Farang website gives them the opportunity to tell it. Naked Farang also allows me to share my own anecdotes and observations from over ten years of living, working and travelling in this amazing country.

The website is not intended to be used as a travel guide per se, but I hope that it can become useful companions for both visitors and expats in the Land of Smiles. Guide books present information. Naked Farang offers insights. Naked Farang goes behind the smile to bring you the real Thailand.


If you are new to Naked Farang, we have provided a useful Site Map to guide you on your merry way, or you may wish to start by finding out more about Naked Farang in Who and What is Naked Farang.

In Expat Life: Expat Lifestyle & Living we have everything for the expat in Thailand. From anecdotal accounts of marrying a Thai and having children in Thailand to starting a company in Thailand or buying a condo in Bangkok, you will find it all in the eXpat Files. We also have professional advice on Thai visas, legal matters, property in Thailand, working in Thailand, family matters, eating out and Thailand's legendary nightlife.

Naked Eye: News and Blogs on Thailand brings you the latest news from Thailand as well as blogs of Thailand from different perspectives. Naked News has a weekly review of Thai news while Hot off the Press is a collection of links to the latest articles on Thailand from across the Internet. There are also blogs on Teaching in Thailand, Gay Thailand, Female Farangs, the Thai View and Sport in Thailand.

Naked Farang is also an interactive site, so in Expose Yourself you can send in your comments, join a forum or vote in our poll. This section is currently being updated and will soon feature many new Thai Forums.

If you’re looking to release the inner child, Naked Fun and Games will tickle your Thai fancy with jokes, games, competitions and quizzes.

For insightful and frank travel information and advice about Thailand, go to Thai Travels. Here you’ll find regionalised picture galleries and travellers’ tales provided by the Naked Farang team. You can also leave a question or share your own stories of your adventures around Thailand. To further help you plan your Thai holiday, there are articles, reviews and discounts on hotels and resorts all across Thailand.

Thai Culture is where we go behind the smile in our culture section. Find out all you need to know about the Thai holidays and festivals, Thai food, Thai culture and the Thai language.

Thai Facts has lots of facts and useful information on Thai religion, history, geography, ecology, climate and much more.

Naked Farang gives you all of this and much, much more - absolutely free. If you like the website, you can Advertise on the site or even employ our services by contacting us here: Contact.

The website is designed to be both informative and amusing, combining anecdotes, experiences, opinions, observations and hard facts. Anything that could be considered libellous is pure fiction and should be dismissed as such by any sitting judge.

Whether you are a Thai, a farang on holiday, an expat living in Thailand, or someone who has never had the pleasure of visiting this truly amazing country, I hope that you will find this website useful and entertaining. I don’t really care whether you end up liking me or hating me. I know my karma is good.



I grew up in Yorkshire, England and was bitten by the travel bug at an early age. I spent most of my 20s travelling, living and working in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America, New Zealand, and increasingly in Asia.

Having previously enjoyed extended trips to Thailand dating back to 1994, I have lived here since 1999, although I didn’t actually realise that I had settled here until late 2000. During my times here, I have gone through various metamorphoses: the adventurous back-packer, the discerning tourist, the sex-mad night owl and the working expat. I have had spells as a telemarketer and an English teacher, working in a financial consultancy and a number of language schools. I was also the manager of a large, international language school for almost five years.

I am happily married to Pim, who is just as mad as I am and can always make me laugh, and the proud father of Tommy, who will one day play international football for England or Thailand, depending on just how good he is. If he’s really good, he may even be lucky enough to play for Leeds United.

Life here is just about perfect. Apart from family and friends, who are all regular visitors anyway, and Leeds United, there is nothing that I miss about England. Everything I like about my homeland is here. I can watch more English football here than I could in England. There are English TV channels and newspapers. I can eat quality fish and chips at the Offshore Bar, monster-sized portions of roast beef and Yorkshire puddings at Jools or pork pies at the Black Swan. But of course, what I really like about living in Bangkok are the differences. In fact Bangkok is most definitely a city of contrasts: old and new, traditional and modern, east and west, rich and poor, sweet and sour.

Thais often ask me why I choose to live in Thailand, and my first answer is always, “Every morning I wake up, and it’s summer.” I love the climate, the people, the culture, the food, satho (homebrewed rice wine), Bangkok, the beaches and islands, the rural north and north-east, and the inexpensive and easy-going lifestyle. Most of those things also drive me up the wall at times, as you will discover when you read Naked Farang. The candid nature of my writing means that I will give you the good, the bad and the ugly. I do not possess a pair of rose-tinted spectacles, nor do I profess to be a saint. It is often said that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but you’ll just have to bear with me on that one as I start at the bottom and work my way up the comedic ladder.

Sometimes, it seems that the longer I live here, the less I really understand Thai people. Nevertheless, Thailand is my home of choice. I will live here until I die, or until immigration finds a reason to kick me out.

I have travelled, lived and worked all over the world, but there is no other place on earth that I would rather live than the City of Angels in the Land of Smiles. Who could ask for more than to be surrounded by smiling angels? This is possibly the most welcoming and easy-to-live-in country I have ever visited, with genuinely friendly and warm people.

After almost a decade in the Land of Smiles, I suddenly found myself with the motive, the means and the opportunity to start Naked Farang. I gladly accepted the challenge, and it is truly a labour of love.

Whether you are a Thai, a farang on holiday, an expat living in Thailand, or someone who has never had the pleasure of visiting this truly amazing country, I hope that you will find Naked Farang both informative and amusing. I don’t really care whether you end up liking me or hating me. I know my karma is good.

Paul Snowdon – October, 2007




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