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A Week in Review: May 21-27, 2011

Buffalo flu. Have you got it?

Forget SARS, H1N1 and HIV, Thailand is in the grip of a far more diabolical disease. After bird flu and swine flu, prepare yourself for buffalo flu. Find out what the symptoms are here?

For the last week, Thailand has found itself in the grip of Yingluckmania – the scientific name for a condition known locally as buffalo flu.

Following Thaksin’s unilateral decision to democratically appoint his younger sister as his proxy, large numbers of people appear to have contracted buffalo flu. It is believed that the disease is transmitted through either contact with or ingestion of buffalo stool, which has been in particularly abundant supply of late.

Large outbreaks of buffalo flu were first reported in the far north of Thailand last week immediately after Yingluck addressed 15,000 members of Thaksin’s personality cult in Chiang Mai.

It is believed that infection occurred when large sections of the already feverish crowd swallowed buffalo stool as Yingluck was making three promises under the unofficial party slogan of “1 out of 3 ‘aint bad”.

The crowd were told that if Phuea Thai won the upcoming election, it would eradicate drugs from society in 12 months, eliminate poverty in 4 years, and bring Thaksin back home.

While to any individual unaffected by buffalo flu, the first two promises are patently impossible, the third one is a rare display of honesty. Chalerm Yubamrung has already been placed in charge of overseeing an amnesty to allow Thaskin to return home without serving the prison sentence he received for abusing his position of trust as prime minister to embezzle money for himself and his family.

Yet despite the guarantee that the third promise will be fulfilled, even Chalerm exhibited symptoms of buffalo flu when he said, “A neutral committee would be set up to oversee the process (of the amnesty for Thaksin) to ensure that it was based on the rule of law.” Chalerm was clearly displaying signs of deliria and delusion as it is, of course, the rule of law that saw Thaksin convicted on one charge and acquitted of other charges in the first place.

However, there is some optimism that buffalo flu may be under control. In an interview with Matichon, Thaksin announced that it may not be his unilateral decision to democratically pick Yingluck to be prime minister of Thailand if Phuea Thai wins the election.

In a society that places form before substance, the choice of Yingluck was a master stroke by Thaksin. However, fully aware that his sister is a political lightweight using her good looks and relation to Thaksin to present impossible promises to an electorate that has proven itself to be gullible, Thaksin has already barred his sister from taking part in a debate with Democrat leader and incumbent Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

Nevertheless, it was a rare admission of weakness when Thaksin told Matichon that he feared Yingluck would be attacked and destroyed by the Democrats if she became the government leader.

And while Yingluck has been enjoying the limelight, the same could not always be said for Abhisit – the Democrats’ former golden boy. Abhisit complained to the Election Commission last week that red shirt supporters have been disrupting his party’s election campaigning. The PM said that his public appearances have been disturbed by red shirt supporters several times and some had tried to get to his car.

Brainwashed and incited to commit acts of hatred by the manipulative leaders, the red shirts have consistently proven themselves to be prone to acts of violence in the past, including attacking the PMs car and house as well as riots in Pattaya, Bangkok and several provincial cities.

The Thai police have identified 10 ‘red zones’ where violence is most likely during campaigning. The choice of the name ‘red zone’ may have been a Freudian slip, but it is no coincidence that each of the zones is a Phuea Thai / red shirt stronghold.

Even red shirt leader and recently listed Phuea Thai MP Natthawut Saikua took the step of telling the red shirts to stop harassing Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva while campaigning. Natthawut told the red shirts that their acts of violence and intimidation might result in a legal backlash from the Democrat Party who may exploit the situation by accusing the red shirts of trying to hinder the election.

Watch out for buffalo flu. It’s more widespread than you think.

Paul Snowdon – May 21, 2011

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Jueoy Dheanwanich
28 May 2011, 03:22
Buffalo flu not for me at all.
Gary Joseph Chandler
28 May 2011, 20:24
"he feared Yingluck would be attacked and destroyed " < What, eggsactly, does Thaksin mean by that?? Some crazy putting a rifle to his shoulder or WOT? [Remember that food cart with the bomb that was going to wipe out BJT/Newin, but got moved around the corner when it rained?]

If violence, a coup, or The Joseph Solution does not stop it, Thailand is heading for the WORST case scenario. Back to ABnormal! Reconciliation aka amnesty = gang land truce that Sanan brokered. I AM puking!
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