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Defending National Pride

After 5 years of planning, the time has finally come to experience the exciting future of muaythai. Whether you are a fan of muaythai or not, this is one event not to be missed. Find out more here...

The tiger is about to be released from its cage... and boy is it pissed off.

The Grand Opening of the Thailand vs Challenger Series is set for Saturday January 16th at the Royal Paragon Hall in Bangkok.

Thailand vs Challenger is Elite Boxing’s flagship creation in its bid to take muaythai to the next level and attract a whole new generation of fans to the sport by combining the best international muaythai fights with quality entertainment at luxury venues across Thailand.

With the matchmaking supported by Thailand’s leading promoter, Songchai Ratanasuban, and the series sanctioned by the World Muaythai Council (WMC), the Thailand vs Challenger Series guarantees muaythai of the highest standard. Each event will see the Thai team taking on a different challenging nation under the theme “Defending National Pride”.

As part of Elite Boxing’s vision of attracting a whole new generation of fans from a wider demographic mix, Thailand vs Challenger combines the best international muaythai fights with quality entertainment. Each event will feature martial arts demonstrations, DJ shows, dancers and musicians to keep the fans entertained between bouts.

Thailand’s leading hip-hop band, Thaitanium, has recorded Defending National Pride as the official theme song for the series, and Thai TV presenter, DJ and popular all-round celebrity Piyawat Khempetch (PK) will take on the role of official ambassador for the Thailand vs Challenger Series (2010).

To further develop their vision, Elite Boxing’s strategy is to move muaythai away from old stadiums into new, luxury venues where fans can enjoy the action in comfort and safety.

The six events of the 2010 Thailand vs Challenger Series will be held at such exclusive settings as the Royal Paragon Hall in Bangkok, the Baan Klang Stadium in Pathum Thani, the Laguna resort in Phuket and the Royal Cliff in Pattaya.

At the Grand Opening, each of the five challenging nations will be represented by their team leader who will fight against a member of the Thai team. The series then goes on the road with exhibition events to follow in Pathum Thani, Phuket and Pattaya.

The full Thailand vs Challenger Series (2010) is as follows:




January 16

Royal Paragon Hall, Bangkok

Grand Opening


Baan Klang Stadium, Pathum Thani

Th. vs France


Laguna Phuket

Th. vs China


Royal Cliff, Pattaya

Th. vs Russia


Baan Klang Stadium, Pathum Thani

Th. vs Japan


Laguna Phuket

Th. vs Australia

For more info:  

For ticket details:

See you there.

Paul Snowdon – January 9, 2010

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