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Speaking in Pictures

Artists tend to be eccentric. At least the good ones do anyway. From Van Gogh chopping off his ear to Damien Hurst chopping a cow in half, they’re a strange bunch. And the bunch just got bigger. An exhibition of drawings by long-term Thai resident Andy Doyle features a surprising secret ingredient. Find out what it is here...

You can’t keep a good man down and, after more than half a century on this planet and over a decade in Thailand, Andy Doyle has broken cover to spill the coffee beans on the secrets of his distinctive renderings.

While Picasso had his blue period, Escher employed mathematics in his drawings, and Dali used pubic hairs to add the finer details to some of his paintings, the artistic qualities of coffee have, until now, been strangely overlooked. Enter Andy Doyle.

Andy’s drawings are sketched in pencil, emboldened in ink and then coloured with coffee. Yes, coffee! And knowing Andy as I do, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Irish coffee.

Originally from Melbourne, Andy graduated from art school as an Industrial Designer and worked for twenty years in exhibition design, graphics and photography. Having run studios in both Melbourne and Bangkok, he has spent the last nine years teaching in Thailand while continuing to draw and develop a strong connection with his adopted home city of Bangkok.

“When I first walked out onto Silom Road many years ago,” recalled Andy, “it looked like a scene from the movie ‘Bladerunner’ – grey, heavy skies and unusually warm with people and traffic everywhere. It was love at first sight and I haven’t looked back,” he continued.

Andy clearly finds plenty of inspiration in his surroundings. “The chaotic mishmash of old and new, noisy and quiet, warm and lonely makes a feast for the eye and provides rich material for past, present and future drawings. I am trying to capture this most wonderful warmth and uncertainty that surround us,” he explained.

“I almost always work on-site, sometimes returning to the scene four or five times,” he told us. “I begin in pencil and play the game of drawing and redrawing until it feels and looks right.”

While Andy’s techniques are very hands-on, it is the unusual medium he employs in his art that is causing quite a stir. “Then comes the ink and coffee and any other colour required, either onsite or in the studio. And that’s it,” he finished with his broad, infectious smile.

You can experience Andy’s creative talents for yourself over the New Year period at Speaking in Pictures, an exhibition of his works at the MOOD Event Hall on the 1st floor of the DOB Building next to Bangkok Central Hotel and Hualampong MRT Station.

Following an official opening party from 6:30pm until 10:30pm on December 16th with music by Nga Carawan, the exhibition will run through until January 15th, 2010.

The opening party is strictly RSVP, so if you are planning to attend or are interested in finding out more about the artist, you can contact him here:

Paul Snowdon – December 10, 2009

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