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A Thai woman is seeking help after her attempts to buy a love potion on the Internet failed. Who she is seeking help from or exactly what kind of help she is seeking is not immediately clear, but she would undoubtedly benefit from a check up from the neck up. The woman, who unsurprisingly has chosen to remain anonymous, had ordered a bottle of the legendary namman prai (prai oil) over the internet and even paid a ridiculous amount of money for it. However, she has been forced to seek help from people who live in the real world after the oil didn’t arrive

The woman was apparently persuaded by the trader from Lampang in northern Thailand to transfer 20,000 baht into his account in return for a bottle of the fabled prai oil. However, the trader, who went under the moniker “Master”, failed to deliver. One would have thought that he would at least have sent a bottle of cooking oil to keep the gullible woman happy, but he was probably too busy laughing to traipse down to the post office.

Namman Prai is well known in mega-superstitious Thailand. It is basically a black magic love potion, believed to increase the seductive powers of users. According to folklore, if a user sprinkles a few drops on the object of their desires, they will be able to seduce them more easily.

Legend (and the Bangkok Post) has it that namman prai is obtained by using a candle to singe the chin of a dead person. Pregnant women who died in accidents are preferred, apparently. A small bottle usually sells for between 1,500 and 10,000 baht. It’s clearly another example of fools and money being easily parted.

There are some 100 websites in Thailand offering namman prai. The Bangkok Post reported a translated extract from one on May 11, 2008: Our namman prai is now a hit among teenagers. If it cannot make you attractive to the girls within 7 days, you can claim a refund.

The Food and Drug Administration are considering whether to take action. FDA Secretary-General Chatree Banchuen told the Bangkok Post that he believed the ads were bogus and if the potions were advertised as medicines they would be breaking the law.

Surely basic advertising standards are being broken as there can be no evidence to support any claims made regarding the potion’s powers. Then there is also the matter of melting dead people’s chins. If it isn’t illegal, it should be, on moral grounds if nothing else.

Just in case anyone is interested, I have some bottles of namman prai for sale. My namman prai is guaranteed to make you irresistible to anyone you fancy. I also have some get-rich potions that are assured to generate money. The potions are 10,000 baht each, or you can have a pair for just 15,000 baht. Contact me at to find out where to deposit the money and I’ll be down to the post office just as soon as I’ve stopped laughing.

Paul Snowdon – May 11, 2008

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