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The Monthly Top 10

Why do you live in Thailand? It’s a familiar question and one that has many answers. So many, in fact, that it is the topic of the new monthly top 10 series. Find out what is my number 1 reason for living in Thailand here...

The cost of living in Thailand is such that a luxurious lifestyle is well within reach, especially if you are earning an expat salary. Even on a Western pension or overseas savings, you can live more comfortably in Thailand than you could in the West. Working as a teacher, manager and then small business owner, I have never yet reached the dizzying heights of luxury, but cost of living is number 10 on my list.

The pace of life in Thailand is slow. Time is most definitely an abstract concept here and even the hustle and bustle of Bangkok is only half-hearted. Arriving less than 15 minutes late for an appointment is considered punctual, even for business meetings and job interviews. I still can’t break the habit of walking fast, but I’m always late so pace of life scores number 9 on my list.

Corruption may seem like a strange reason for settling in a country, and it certainly wasn’t one of my initial attractions. However, there’s something to be said for being able to cut corners and turn blind eyes with impudence. If it’s true that laws are for the obeyance of fools and the guidance of wise men, then this is one intelligent nation. Corruption is number 8.

While the Thais would like to think that culture is a big draw for foreign tourists, it is for many just a pleasant bonus after they’ve been to the beach. The many colourful festivals and temples certainly add to the experience, placing culture at number 7 on my list.

The nightlife in Thailand is legendary. From the raunchy go-go bars to the wide choice of bars, pubs and clubs, the nightlife was a big part of my life when I first came here as a bachelor. These days, it’s much less so, but some wild memories ensure that Thailand’s nightlife remains at number 6. 

Every morning, I wake up and it’s summer. Most of the time, the weather in Thailand is just about perfect for me, and while the humidity and rainy season can make Bangkok uncomfortable at times, it’s still far more preferable to northern European winters. The weather comes in at number 5 in my top ten.

Bangkok – city of angels in a land of smiles. And who could ask for more than to be surrounded by smiling angels? On my rare trips to England, it feels like I’m going on holiday, and when I return to Bangkok, I’m coming home. Everything I want is in this crazy city that never sleeps and I love her contrasts: old and new, traditional and modern, East and West, rich and poor, sweet and sour. Warts and all, Bangkok is my number 4 reason for settling in Thailand.

Thailand has some of the most stunning beaches and islands in the world. White palm-fringed beaches and crystal clear waters abound, and if you are feeling more adventurous, you can always head to the jungles and hills for a spot of trekking. Thailand’s amazing nature comes in at number 3.

Many women in Thailand possess a rare combination of natural beauty and down-to-earth friendliness. Thankfully, political correctness hasn’t arrived here yet, so playful flirting is common (both ways). While Thai women’s dusky good looks may be the initial attraction, it is their femininity that causes many farang men to fall in love with them. I know because I am one of them. Thai women are the number 2 reason for my choosing to settle here.

Thailand isn’t known as the Land of Smiles for nothing.  The people are genuinely friendly and warm, and many are blessed with an almost childlike sense of fun that makes living and working here a pleasure.  Many Thais will also go out of their way to be helpful and, if you are a customer, give good service that goes far beyond the call of duty. Sometimes it seems that the longer I live here, the less I really understand Thai people and they occasionally drive me up the wall, yet they are the number 1 reason why I choose to call Thailand home.

Paul Snowdon – January 16, 2010

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29 Jul 2014, 08:02
Happy Friday Anette! :-)I don't know about Sweden but over here in England it is a bank holiday weeeknd :-) Which means that most people who don't work weeeknds will also get Monday off too :-) Over here people usually spend bank holidays drinking or having barbeques if the weather is nice :-) I'm spending bank holiday by meeting up with a friend this Sunday who I've not seen for 9years! :-) His life went down a different road to mine but we've always kept in touch :-)And congratulations to you and Johan for 5 years together! :-) I wish you both together for the whole of time! :-) You look like a really nice couple in those photos! :-) Have a great evening Anette! :-)
30 Jul 2014, 07:14
congratulations dear anette and johan. You are a very sweet <a href="">colupe</a> :). I wish you many many more years of happiness, and love together. Thanks for sharing this beautiful photos with us. Have a really nice day. I have to work today til 10pm :(. And big hugs as always. p.s. I would like to ask you something. Do you have any email adress you use for fans where we can send photos etc? It's just a question ;)
02 Aug 2014, 02:50
Hi Nettie :)Congrats, this is very good time for you as we all had to see ;) I wish you next 5 years... and next 5 years... and more and more and more :* I am married for <a href="">alosmt</a> six years and I do not know when that time just flew by. Time passes but the most important thing is to draw from it the most good.And I think you were really exceptionally gifted by fate :) :) With love Kinga
04 Aug 2014, 03:15
Hi dear Nettie! Hope you and the boys are doing just fine-:)Lovely pics of you and Johan. Yep,time really flies and life is full of bilssengs and that is wonderful! I wish you and Johan a lifetime of happiness together! You are a beautiful couple with an even more beautiful family! You are very blessed! Wish you all the best!Take good care,have a wonderful weekend! Love and hugs from Brazil,Bru :) [url=]xoodkxcwng[/url] [link=]itqwniu[/link]
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