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Pattaya, Koh Chang, Koh Samet...

Pattaya Part 1: Bad Girls Go to Pattaya

As the t-shirts proclaim: “Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go to Pattaya.” My old friend from England, Giles, who got me my first job in Thailand, and who had been living and working as a financial consultant in Bangkok for 5 years when I moved here, once described Pattaya as “Bangkok-by-the-sea.” To be more specific, it’s Bangkok-gone-bad-on-steroids-by-the-sea... Read More >>

Paul Snowdon


Pattaya Part 2: Last Resort

Pattaya is a sad Thai paradox, because in some ways it is a microcosm of the modern and commercialised Thailand, prostituting itself to the West, but on the other hand, there is very little truly Thai about it anymore. It’s as representative of Thailand as Benidorm is of Spain... Read More >>

Paul Snowdon


Pattaya: a nice weekend retreat...or a brothel by the sea?

My first endeavour to the coastal town of Pattaya happened back in 1995. My partner, Brian, and I had deliberately put off going there as we had heard various stories about the goings on in Pattaya... Read More >>

Bruce Marshall


Koh Samet: Ao Cho Bay Part 1

Just four months after a Thai family holiday in that quintessentially Thai resort of Bang Saen, I joined my wife, my son, my wife’s parents, all 3 of her siblings, her nephew, her niece and one of her cousins for a long weekend on Koh Samet... Read More >>

Paul Snowdon


Koh Samet: Ao Cho Bay Part 2

Taem had booked four rooms for us and the set-up couldn’t have been better. The bungalows shared a communal veranda, which would later come in handy as a venue for drinking and playing cards... Read More >>

Paul Snowdon


Thailand hotel and resort information and reservations here

Pattaya hotel and resort information and reservations here

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06 Jan 2013, 04:26
Sure you should be able to just walk into vairous hotels and get a room. I'd be cautious of the person that told you it would cost less though. Facts are facts. If you walk into a place with luggage asking for a room, the desk is going to look at you and know you don't have a room up goes the price. With all the guarantees on the internet of giving the lowest price, be smart and book before you get there. If nothing else, you can always check around the next day looking for cheaper rooms and leave the one with reservations earlier if you find a cheaper room. Prices of hotels aren't that great in Thailand so the couple baht you save isn't going to be that big of a deal.
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