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The food of Northern Thailand is primarily salty and spicy. Northern dishes include a lot of noodles, because of Chinese and Burmese influences, with sticky rice being the other main staple. The relatively temperate climate of the North also means that more vegetables are grown in the region and these can be seen in many local dishes.

Meals of the North are traditionally eaten with diners seated on the floor and sharing dishes from a slightly raised round table. This style of dining is known as Khan Toke. Khan is the name of the bowls used and Toke is the name of the table.

Northern Dishes

Khao Soy
There is some disagreement about the origins and make-up of this popular Northern dish. Some say it originated in China, while others claim it is a Burmese dish. The staple ingredient also varies with crispy wheat noodles or egg noodles forming the foundation of this broth.

Flavour: sweet and spicy
Ingredients: noodles, chicken, chillies, lemon and coconut milk.
Method: boiled broth

Kaeng Hang Lay
Flavour: spicy
Ingredients: pork, vegetables (vary), ginger, tamarind and turmeric.
Method: stir fried curry

Khanom Jeen Nam Niaw
Flavour: salty and spicy
Ingredients: soft, thin rice noodles; pork ribs, tomatoes and black bean sauce.
Method: boiled noodles and barbecued ribs

Sai Ua
Sai Ua is a very popular northern sausage
Flavour: salty and spicy
Ingredients: minced pork, chillies, lemon grass, garlic and shallots.
Method: the ingredients are mixed and then stuffed inside a pig’s colon skin to form a sausage

Nam Prik Num
Nam Prik Num is a well-known northern dipping sauce
Flavour: salty and spicy
Ingredients: eggplants, chillies and garlic.
Method: the eggplants are roasted and then mixed with the other ingredients before being ground by a pestle and mortar


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