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Congratulations. You are now just one small step away from taking a giant leap into the whole new world that will open up for you as you start to learn the language.

It’s not going to be easy, but the rewards grow exponentially as you gradually find yourself able to survive, function and interact in circles and situations that remain closed to those who don’t make the effort.

Thais greatly appreciate the efforts of the minority who take the time to learn their language and they will treat anyone who tries with admiration and respect. New doors will open, and many things will become cheaper as soon as you start to speak Thai.

There are countless language schools and independent instructors, some good and some not so good. To start you on your journey, I have provided some profiles and contact details of professional and experienced Thai teachers if you are ready to take the next step.

Chok dee.

Pattanasi (Maem) Saengsi

Pattanasi Saengsi (Maem) is a Bangkok native who has been teaching Thai to business executives and expat housewives since 1995 and has worked both independently and for various language schools. In addition to her extensive teaching experience, Khun Maem has also developed or worked on various Thai language curricula.

Suwapee (Pom) Duanjam

Suwapee (Pom) Duanjam hails from Phitsanulok in the north of Thailand, although she has lived virtually all her adult life in Bangkok where she has been teaching Thai since 1997. She works for one of Bangkok’s largest language schools as well as teaching independently, and her students have included corporate executives, expat housewives, English teachers and Thais who grew up abroad.




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