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Bushy the Clown yesterday






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Caption Competition

Always look on the bright side of life, sang the Monty Python team in their hit movie the Life of Brian. Well, at Naked Farang we always try to find the comedy element in every story of picture and in our prize Caption Competition we give you the opportunity to showcase your comedic bent by sending us your funny captions for the photo that we provide. Naked Farang will start you off with a few suggestions, but then it’s up to you. The funniest caption as judged by the Naked Farang panel will receive a Naked Farang t-shirt. Please include a valid e-mail address so that we can contact the winner.

Naked Farang Captions:

• Superwitch was determined to catch the trouser thief

• Boy George doing his community service yesterday

• After leaving rehab, Rafael of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tries to make a new start

Have your say...

Boy George
15 Dec 2007, 05:09
where do you want me to put this broom?
18 Apr 2008, 04:05
Are you certain these wellies go with my outfit.
Kenny Dangle
18 Apr 2008, 05:35
Undercover agent fails to blend in while looking for the banana bomb manufacturer
18 Apr 2008, 07:59
"what the fuck you looking at!"
nick hoare
19 Apr 2008, 18:20
you should see what i,m wearing under this
Mary Whitehouse
21 Apr 2008, 08:00
does my bum look big in this?
dave Girgan
26 Apr 2008, 12:43
Michael Jackson looking for little boys
Fast Show
30 Apr 2008, 06:33
This season, I'll mostly be wearing my husband's trousers around my head
Dave Snowdon
30 Apr 2008, 12:31
I can't remember if I'm a Traffic Warden, a Bee Keeper or a Litter Sweeper today. Or is it my day off?
john gartland
01 Jun 2008, 02:24
What do you expect for 150baht a day? A Samurai warrior for a bodyguar?
Robb Kerr
06 Aug 2008, 17:39
Hey! Is that Elvis?
23 Dec 2008, 10:40
The 'BLUE-BOOTED Samurai'!!!
Farang Connection
07 Jan 2009, 19:56
OK..............the wife's gone to the hairdresser for four hours. You can park her broom now.
28 Nov 2015, 03:47
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